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Dear friends,

We thank you for participating in and contributing to the success of the inaugural African Diaspora Investment Symposium. We appreciate the overwhelmingly encouraging and inspiring messages you shared with us about the ADN team, ADIS organizers, and speakers and participants. We are humbled by your generosity and moral support. 

The enthusiasm, excitement and engagement that we witnessed in the short time we spent together are a reflection of your presence and full participation (link to the summary). Our goal and commitment was to provide you a platform to learn, network and build lasting relationships with your peers. And to have a little fun! 

We appreciate your constructive insight on the symposium and hope to hear from even more of you. We are dedicating the next few months to meeting with our board and funders as well as our local, regional and global partners in order to craft a well thought out plan for ADIS 2017. Your feedback is incredibly helpful and we are committed to implementing your suggestions so that ADIS 2017 best meets the needs of our network.
Again, thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Warmest wishes,


The 2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium 

January 29-30, 2016

What is it all about

Our groundbreaking symposium brings together entrepreneurs, educators, practitioners, business experts and leaders of the African Diaspora and friends of Africa in Silicon Valley, the center of innovation.  


Our discussions, panels, and workshops will serve as catalysts for taking impact and social investing in Africa to the next step and will provide a platform for dialogue and action.

Keynote Speakers


Founder and CEO,
Mall for Africa

A New Generation of African Entrepreneur.

Founder and Chief  Executive Officer,

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Access to funding

Friday, January 29th Session

There is a fast growing community of entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to building game changing companies in the African continent. This session will address the investment opportunities with three distinguished panelists: Toro Orero, DraperDarkFlow; Eric M K Osiakwan, Angel Fair Africa; Maya Horgan, Founder & Executive Director, of Ingressive

Diaspora angel investors have a unique opportunity to invest ‘back home’:  Their vernacular language skills, business acumen, and understanding of local or regional markets in Africa combined can help them recognize promising opportunities where other foreign investors may perceive too much risk or too little opportunity. This session will address how the diaspora can actively engage their emotional ties back home with promising business opportunities.

The African Diaspora offers a wealth of knowledge, resources, and creativity unparalleled in the diversity of our combined experiences. How do we bring this back to the homeland to better the lives of Africans on the continent? This panel discusses human capital through a unique reverse brain drain \technique, in which we discuss mentorship, advisory, and relocation. Panelists for the session are: 

Ashit Patel, Citrix Systems; Banny Banerjee, Stanford ChangeLabs; Amini Kajunju, CEO, The Africa-America Institute

How do you move from innovation to action? Silicon Valley serves as an ideal hub for discussing the secrets to successfully launching new businesses grounded in disruptive thinking. But do the entrepreneurship principles ingrained in Silicon Valley apply to Africa? How to do you prepare your startup for success in Africa's unique socio-economic and political infrastructure. We will share innovative ideas and resources that will help you create an actionable plan to increase the success rate of your Africa-focused venture.

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